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You don’t have to pay anything for the software. Just pay for your company customisations and add-on services.

Open Source Policies and Licences

Supported by a vibrant community of tens of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users, and countless developers and partners that help shape its direction, it’s no wonder that today Vtiger CRM is considered the most powerful open source CRM solution available, having seen more than 3 million downloads to date. Read more…

Single User Account Setup

This is ideal for an small business of one-three users who can share the same account on the system. The price to setup a single user account is $299/year.

Corporate Account Setup

If you need multiple users account and hierarchical access rights and permissions we need to setup an independent instance of our system for you. The price to setup a company account is $599/year.


Based on the initial assessment of your process complexity, we charge you on an hourly base of $49/hour consultation. Please contact us for further details.


Depending on your business size, we provide single or group training sessions to help you take more out of our features. The price for our training sessions is $49/hour/user. Every additional user gets a discount rate of 5%, and the price for groups sessions with more than 11 users is caped to $400/hour.


After the system has been installed for you and trainings has been carried out for the users, it is possible to register for our on-going support at a rate of $20/user/month. Every additional user gets a discount rate of 2% and the price for company account more than 11 users is caped to $200/month.

Self Hosting Feature

If you decide to go extra miles and host your system on your own server, we help you achieve this goal at a reasonable price. In addition to the standard costs of hosting on either VPS or Dedicated server, we charge a single time fee of $999. Please contact us for further details.


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