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Integrated Business Database

With Yuru, you have all your data across different departments all integrated into one database which is stored on the Internet. Read more…

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Win More Deals!

Empower your sales teams with tools that help them learn more about your customers, spend more time on high value activities, and build lasting customer relationships from anywhere in the world. Read more…


Save More Time

Save time on both use and maintenance. Work on your single integrated system instead of isolated islands. No internal system installation or upgrading is required at anytime with Yuru, as it is all online services on the Internet. Read more…


Full Access Over The Web

With Yuru, instead of storing your data on personal or server computer which locates in a single location, you stored them on the cloud and it gives you the feature to access your data by just connecting to the Internet via any platform. Read More…


As Mobile As You Are!

Yuru doesn’t have any access boundaries and with our mobile application on different platforms you can¬†easily¬†access your data wherever you need to. Read more…



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